Sunday, May 13, 2012

The week since we've been back from the Preview Trip

Just a quick catch-up here, life the last week or so has been hectic and frazzled.  So hectic and frazzled that in running all over town, I earned myself one of these babies:

Originally the fine was $260 and my court date was scheduled for after the move.  The officer told me I could just show up at the courthouse to see what options I had, so in true Holman fashion, I prepared a lengthy letter detailing the cause of the ticket (to sum up, I was stressed out and momentarily confused at a confusing intersection, thinking I was caught in a classic Portlandia-overly-polite-driver moment and the other cars were all waiting for me to go - but yeah, I was 100% guilty).  Thankfully the clerk was able to reduce it on the spot!

And it's a good thing because, holy cow, moving overseas is expensive!

We've been shopping like maniacs for all kinds of stuff, which has been quite the shock to the minimalist system.  We just know everything's going to be expensive in Luxembourg, and we have this gigantic sea container that we might as well fill with stuff we know we're going to need.  Combine that with the fact that all four of us could use some basics like socks, underwear, shoes, and clothes because we tend to avoid "shopping" as a general rule, and we are just bleeding money right now.

Oh, and in Luxembourg it's standard that to secure your apartment you need, in Euro-cash, the following:
1st month's rent and utilities
3 months rent in security deposit
1 month rent in real estate agent fees

Once we get to Luxembourg, we're going to need to buy new appliances, lamps, basically everything that plugs in.

Pete's first paycheck in July will be a day of great celebration and rejoicing.

But in other much less whiny news:

Daphne learned to ride her bike sans training wheels this past week.  Not to be outdone by his big sister, 4-1/2 year old James learned two days later.

Cook Park
Pretty darn proud of himself
James also had his closing program at his amazing (and amazingly free!) preschool.  The theme was "One Nation Under God."

James at front/right
Confession: overt patriotism is not really my thing, and overt patriotism combined with religion definitely induces a mild case of the heebie geebies, but it was really cute, well done, and I even got a little emotional.  Hey, I DO love you, USA!  God Bless America! Until we meet again!

Daphne made a sign to hold up during the program, it says "Go James!"
Nana and Granddad made it
Grammy too!
And finally, Happy Mother's Day!

Predindr = president.  She's pretty much got me pegged, I'd say.

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