Sunday, August 7, 2011

Monday Art - The Big Fight

Daphne had the idea to create a little book as a gift for her friend's birthday. I picked up this blank book at Lakeshore and drew in some lines for the text. Daphne came up with the story, incorporating herself (of course), the birthday girl, the birthday girl's sister, and James as characters. She worked on it a little bit each day for a couple of weeks. There were nine pages of text and their accompanying pictures. Quite the process!

It turned out a bit more violent than I'd hoped. There are three mean pirates (all named "Pirate") with toothy blue sneers, boxes of hot lava, and the birthday girl in grave peril.

(Click the image to enlarge if the colored pencil is hard on your eyes)
But not to worry...
Yes, that was James the Hero pictured winking on the front cover. All is well.