Wednesday, March 12, 2014

German Schoolwork (2nd Grade): Pirates!

Just a quick post to share what Daphne's been up to in her German studies lately:

8th workbook in the Mila series she began in 1st grade. 
The 3 main pirate characters: Pim (left), Pam (center), and Pum (right)
she has homework every day this year
They continue to work through the alphabet as they build vocabulary and spelling skills.  Here they're on P.  (Papagei is one of my favorite German words.)
they've been doing more reading comprehension this year (with an accompanying textbook) and also memorizing poems
In the video below, she explains some of her work and recites a short poem (apologies for the awkward camera angle).


And below is a song in Luxembourgish about (sung by) some "mean pirates" (not Pim, Pam, and Pum).  I asked her what the pirates are doing in the song.  She said, "Well, just what mean pirates normally do."  You might have some fun trying to decipher the Luxembourgish to figure out what that is.

It's quite a long song, but I think it's worth sticking it out until the end if you can!