Thursday, February 23, 2017

Snow Days

December and January saw a couple of big snowstorms, by Portland standards anyway. Meaning: about a foot of snow.

Yes, you have our permission to mock our city. We're just not equipped for this level of the white stuff, only because it's so rare. We're talking abandoned cars, 30-minute commutes turning to 5+ hours, closed freeways, and a general shutdown of the whole metro area. School has been canceled 9 days this winter. Let's hope we're done.

Once again, a lazy blog post is better than no post at all. So, I'll leave you with some snow-based photos until next time.

the chill before the storms

at home

out the same window a bit later

in the same window a bit later

at the schoolyard


and then they tackled each other

walking to a friend's house