Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Catching Up

Time for a general catch-up post in photo form.

Late May through July...and, go!

3rd annual watch-the-ING-Night-Marathon-from-our-balcony party
this year Pete made custom-order fajitas for everyone
James joined a football club, his first ever
all day tournament.  they won the sportsmanship award.

the outdoor pianos came back to Luxembourg city for 3 weeks
we took several opportunities to gather 'round with friends
the kids auditioned for an English production of "Oliver!" and will be chorus members in April 2016.  rehearsals begin this fall.

Uncle Wes and Aunt Rachel visited during an unbearable heat wave (neither homes nor businesses in Luxembourg are equipped to handle excessive heat since it's so rare, so you must swim or suffer)
James went on a 2-night camping trip with his class
we logged our 4th traditional Luxembourgish end of school party
and then they finally finished the school year on July 15th.  they've now completed 3 years (plus 1.5 months) of public school in Luxembourg.
compare this...
....with the beginning of the year!

then Nana and Granddad arrived
I did the Luxembourg Color Run 5k

we took Nana and Granddad to Burg Eltz in Germany
they're already off to the UK to visit more family, will be back in LUX soon

and the kids have spent many afternoons at day camp in the forest.  Aktioun Bambesch runs 3 weeks in the summer for school children in Luxembourg City for free.
We are not headed back to the States this summer, but our 3 sets of visitors help with the homesickness.

And that's what we've been up to!