Thursday, April 17, 2014

Apple Song in Luxembourgish - The Series

You may remember way back in October of 2012, just a couple months after the kids began school in Luxembourgish, James attempted to sing an apple song for us.  He only had a handful of the words figured out, but it was a good effort, and the cuteness of the hand motions more than made up for the mistakes.  He was nearly 5 years old.  Here's the video I posted at the time:

You can tell that he was just starting to put sounds and words together back then.  And just a couple weeks later, he wanted to give it another shot.  He'd already improved a bit:

And now, a year and a half later, Daphne and James both sing this song around the house (Daphne learned it somewhere along the way at school, and now she's worked it out on the piano as well).  Basically, they go apple picking, an apple falls and knocks them on the head, but it gets its comeuppance when they take a bite out of it!  Anyway, here he is at age 6 1/2:

Nailed it.  Six and a half is apparently too cool for hand motions and sound effects, though. :(