Friday, May 4, 2012

Preview Trip: Part 5

Riding the high of finding an apartment Wednesday, we reverted into tourist mode on Thursday, with some purposeful exploring thrown in for good measure.  I can never kick completely out of research mode, and Pete is quite patient with me, bless his easy-going heart.  We rode a few buses around town, including down to the far end of Kirchberg, to the Luxexpo (basically a shopping mall) that also houses a hypermarche/supermarche called Auchan.   It's a bit like a Fred Meyer or Super Walmart in the states, but you can push your shopping cart out into the rest of the mall with your groceries as well.

Auchan supermarche down on the right, 2 floors
secretly pricing the essential merchandise 
We also located several other large and small grocery shops in the city, searching for items we typically buy weekly in the states, browsing unfamiliar foods, and getting a feel for prices in general.  So far the Asian market was the only place with sweet potatoes.  I know you were wondering.

Then in true tourist fashion, we stopped at the Chocolate House across from the Grand Duke's Palace.
Pete practicing his French with our server  
choose a square of chocolate molded onto the end of a wooden spoon (this one's "chocolate bourbon vanilla" flavor) 
stir chocolate into hot milk = hot chocolate.  

We thought we'd try dinner at an Italian/Pizza restaurant a few blocks from our apartment.  Yummy and quite reasonably priced (I'm liking the no-tip thing, by the way, although I feel American-raised-guilt for it.)

Glowing pizza oven in the background. European unsliced knife-and-fork-it pizza.  It's a workout.
Friday will be our last day in town. Signing the rental contract in the morning!  And...we have a scheduled visit to our neighborhood school!

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Anonymous said...

Dad, if you read this, yes that was a local Luxembourgish reisling. And yes it was delicious!