Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Preview Trip: Part 3

I'm writing these posts the day after they happen, so please forgive me if my tenses get all mixed up.  It's 4pm on Wednesday afternoon right now and a lot has happened since what I'm about to write about Tuesday happenings!

As I mentioned, Europe was closed on Tuesday for the May Day holiday.  So we did more walking around the city and also drove/walked around the area near the apartment we found on Monday. We timed walking distances (tried to go at a slowish-kid-friendly pace) from the apartment to schools, parks, grocery, city center, etc.

We slept in and missed breakfast at the hotel, so we were somewhat afraid we might starve if everything was indeed closed (actually Pete is always worried we might starve, since I have a very bad habit to begin with of not stopping to eat or drink when I'm focused on tasks).  But fortunately the square in the city center had open restaurants and cafes.
all these tables soon filled with people eating lunch and enjoying another day of nice weather
Pete decided he was in the photos too much yesterday, so I made sure I handed him the camera more today...
Mexican food (we were worried there might not be any, it's our favorite)
modern Kirchberg up behind me
opposite side of the street from above picture 

center of this photo is Pete's office
We took it easy back at the hotel in the evening (there was a thunderstorm!) and ate dinner at the hotel.  We feel sort of lame for eating at the hotel so much but the food has been amazing and we're often tired, so it's an easy no-thinking-no-walking-no-finding-parking option.  We also did some internet research on the different bus lines and how we might get around without a car, specifically in relation to the apartment in Belair.

That's about it.  More exciting stuff next post!!

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