Tuesday, May 29, 2012


With the beautiful weather since we arrived, exploring parks is our main activity when not running or recuperating from errands.

Across from our temporary apartment is a great little playground...

Dutiful big sister doing the pushing

watching the kids from our balcony
We also like to park by our soon-to-be apartment and walk to Parc Merl from there...

These giant tube slides are ubiquitous in Luxembourg.  Here's Daphne popping out at the bottom.

D on the zipline

J on the zipline
looking at a caterpillar with some American kids

cafe by the water

ice cream break at the cafe

ducks and big fish in the pond
This whole week is a school holiday, so we did a trial-walk from our soon-to-be apartment to their school playground.  They will start school Monday next week.  Pete will start work on Monday as well, and we move in on Tuesday.
the only kids in sight
And, the grand-daddy playground of them all....

(I let Youtube fix the shakiness of my video, but now it looks like I took it on roller-skates....)

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Anonymous said...

Looms like some great park action...pirate ships, zip lines, giant tube slides?!?!? Looks like the kids are adjusting so far, though I'm sure there have been a few meltdowns.

You all are deeply missed!

-Ryan C