Tuesday, May 15, 2012

"Pack Out" Day

It's pseudo-moving day!  "Pack out" is the official expat lingo, I believe.  Our sea and air containers are now officially headed out on their week head-start.  We will be staying with Pete's parents for one week, and then we're off (Tuesday the 22nd).  We return in the meantime, though, for our moving sale this weekend.
some of the "sell" pile, minus bikes - we'll need those!
Our house is up for rent.  We got a couple of low-ball offers in the last couple of weeks, but decided not to leave it on the market to wait for the offer we really wanted.  So, landlords from afar it is.  We've come to peace with it.

The truck and three movers showed up at 8am, and the truck was loaded and gone before 1pm.

We had our air and sea piles pretty much ready to go, but (somewhat frantically) tossed a few things in throughout the morning - last minute laundry and such.

in process..
...and done.  looks like they missed something, though.

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Bethany Fegles Photography said...

Wow, it's crazy to see your house empty! So excited for you guys and the adventures that lie ahead! Lovin' this blog!