Saturday, May 5, 2012

Preview Trip: Part 6

Friday morning was our visit to the school James and Daphne will actually attend beginning in June, according to our second-hand info from the Education Ministry. Pete and I were both nervous, wondering if we'd made the "right" choice in apartment/school.

The first teacher we met was one of the kindergarten teachers.  And her name was Daphne. Definitely going to call that a good sign!

She spoke excellent English and was extremely helpful. There is one preschool class available for James this school year (which is optional, but we're taking it), and two classes for the equivalent of pre-K/kindergarten-mixed, so Daphne will be in one of those. All three classes have 13-15 students each.

I try to be somewhat discrete in my picture taking at the schools, but I managed a few shots...

James' classroom
hallway joining all 3 classes (love the boot-hanging trees)
James is a big Dora fan right now. Plenty of Dora books in his class, these ones in French (must have some Spanish thrown in too, eh?!)
This school was probably a bit more minimal or simple or less "busy" feeling than the other school we visited in terms of equipment, toys, art, etc.  But, sheesh, sound like anyone you know?!?!  ;-)  Don't think that will be a problem.

Considering we'd heard "it's not possible" and "it just isn't done" several times from various sources when we'd asked about visiting the local schools, we couldn't be more pleased about how smoothly this has gone.  Our guess is that a big factor is that this is uncharted territory in many ways (for both the schools and the people helping us out - maybe we Americans are just super nosy about schools - more than other cultures?).  So when we ask, those involved would rather us not be disappointed if it doesn't happen, but then they try to make it happen anyway.  So far it HAS happened, and we are immensely grateful.

more evidence that Dora is alive and well in Lux
Next we went over and signed the lease contract (in French, with our agent translating).  We will be able to move in on June 5th (give or take maybe a day).  We will be in a temporary apartment or hotel from May 23rd until then.  The schools will be on holiday the last week of May, so the kids can start June 4th, the same day Pete starts. 

Gonna be a big day!

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