Saturday, May 19, 2012

Moving Sale Day

There is nothing inherently interesting or blog-worthy about a moving sale.  But I may as well briefly document it for the kids' sake.  I still vividly remember the big moving sale we had as a kid (and even many of the items we sold) when we moved from California to Oregon - and putting signs up all over town with my Dad.  Ah, the pre-Craigslist days...

Daphne sold cookies.  They were gone in a couple hours and she made $8.  She would have made more but I kept sneaking them.  Hey, I needed fuel.
A brief James sighting.  He spent the better part of the day inside on the iPad.   Modern parenting at its finest.
Special thanks to Grammy for the cookies and friends who helped with the sale!

Oh, and by the way, we're pretty sure our house is rented!  First person who looked at it!  We're assuming the deal will go horribly awry and fall though, but for now we are very excited and relieved.


Kel said...

Have a wonderful adventure!!

Pete and Rosie said...

Thank you!