Saturday, July 28, 2012

Summer Arrives in Luxembourg

We had a streak of warm weather this past week, so it felt like summer finally came to our corner of the world.  This of course was a complete fake-out by Luxembourg - today it's rainy and cold again.  But enough about the weather, it's really a topic I quite detest and I've already been mentioning too much.

The kids and I started really living our no-car lifestyle, which, I'm not gonna lie, was difficult and frustrating at times and induced some not-so-stellar parenting on my part.  It's amazing how many things can go awry on a walk-bus-walk-shop-walk-bus-walk outing to the grocery store with kids.  

But we got out and about this week and survived, so I'm counting it as success.
retail outing in the city center for sunglasses and swimming shorts
we got library cards, picked up a few books in English, CDs/DVDs in Luxembourgish!
took bus trips to various parks (hats courtesy of care-package from Grammy)
and enjoyed some local wildlife
A friend from church had told us about a great pool called Les Thermes, so we set out to find it on the bus. 
Front of a spaceship.  Actually this is the pool.
Unfortunately, for reasons of which I'm unaware, I was told I could not take photos of the kids in the pool, so here are some stollen from their website.
photo credit
photo credit
photo credit
It's got a couple of slides that start inside, run outside, and then pop you out back inside.  You can also swim back and forth between the inside and outside pool.  There's a wave pool and a kiddy pool and such as well.  It was 10.50 Euros for the 3 of us for 1.5 hours, so not too bad, really.

Anyhow, that's summer in Lux so far.  How's yours going?

(Probably a rhetorical question by default, but I'd still like to know if ya care to share!)


Anonymous said...

I'm proud of you, Rosie! You'll learn the lay of the land and the language(s) very soon...Great pics of the kids and cute duck family.

Anonymous said...

Sound like you're doing a great job and really getting out there. I'm very impressed with your tenacity and go-get-um attitude. Hang in there, Rosie. I am rooting for you!