Friday, July 20, 2012

Please Send Pictures!

If you ever visited our house in Oregon you probably remember this art wall in our dining room that we started when Daphne was about 3 1/2, and which morphed over time with the kids' new creations.  We have dedicated the kitchen wall of our Luxembourg apartment to kid art, but we'd like to start something new as well - a photo wall on the adjacent cabinet.

But we need YOUR help!

humble beginnings...
We love getting snail-mail from friends and family, and we would love it even more if you could send pictures - of yourselves!  They can be pictures us together or pictures of just you; pictures of your own adventures or just doing normal, everyday activities.

Emailed pictures are okay too, but it's SO helpful if they are already printed, and of course that means we receive something in our physical mailbox which is always extra special.

And really, the kids are still quite young and not always great with names, so it's very helpful to have the opportunity to remind them who you are ;)

According to the typical path of culture shock, I think we are about to hit a few months of "homesickness" and perhaps even some depression.  I know it will helpful to see your smiling faces and remember there are people routing for us back in the US (or UK, or wherever you may be).

Send me a Facebook message or let me know in the comments if you need our address.

Thank in advance!


Kelly Gardner said...

I would be honored to make the wall! Please send me your address and I will ensure some good old fashion snail mail makes its way to Luxe.
kellyjaygardner (at) gmail

Anonymous said...

There is one already on the way...


Kel said...

Email me your address! kelcathcart425 at gmail dot com

Katie Toppel said...

Please send me your address. I would love to send Daphne a note in the mail with a photo of Baby Grace. Don't tell her it's coming!

Anonymous said...

Lily did send a snail-mail card a few weeks ago. Did you receive it? We will put another in the mail with a photo(s) this time. Send me your permanent address just to make sure we have it right. : ) Debbie & Lily