Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Quick Forest Update

A few people were asking about how the forest field trip went (from last post).  I envisioned, as you may have also, a nature walk and maybe some time at a nature center.  From what the kids told me, what actually happened is they took brief walk to a playground, played for hours, ate lunch, and played some more.  I asked them if the playground was in a forest, to which they said, "not really."  I asked them if it was near a forest.  "Not really."  Huh.

It sounds like they basically played on a playground for 6 hours.

Daphne was exhausted and a bit grouchy when I picked them up, and she could barely walk home, but she did say she had fun.  The playground sounded cool, with "a super high zip line" and such.  They came away with only minor injuries - James with a scraped knee and Daphne said she fell off the zip line onto her bottom and head.

So that's "a day in the forest."

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Katie Toppel said...

Hi Titterington Family! :) I need to catch up on reading your posts because I can't wait to know more about your adventures so far! It looks like you are having a blast! Reading your blog reminds me so much of starting our adventure in Germany...except I'm sure your language acquisition will far exceed how much German I learned. Tell Daphne I am so proud of her!!