Monday, July 16, 2012

Night of Wonders

Saturday afternoon, the family of one of James' school friends invited us out to a "Nuit des Merveilles" in Bettembourg, a few kilometers south of the city.  We were completely worn out from a 3 hour stock-up trip to the store (we give back the car in a week...ack!), and it would put us out way past bedtime, but we decided to go for it anyway.

You see, for the last few weeks the weather has been, as the British like to say, "rubbish." There was a bit of a break that evening, so why not take advantage of it?  And can you really say no to a Night of Wonders?

The Night of Wonders was sort of a little circus in the park.  Various acts took place under the trees, and part of the fun was spotting where the next act might be.  Some of it was was a bit strange and ponderous for our taste, but the kids seemed to enjoy the acts and it was fun to be out with some "local" friends.

And what Night of Wonders is complete without...
wandering eyeballs on stilts making Darth Vader-esque breathing noises.  Daphne hid from them, afraid they would look at her.  Understandably.
Worth a "second look."  I did mention strange, didn't eye? Ok, you can stop rolling your eyes at me now!   Heehee.
We were about to grab an over-priced bite to eat and go home early (the thing went until midnight) when very suddenly it started raining buckets.  The deluge completely snuck up on us, I guess because we were under the trees and didn't notice the storm clouds rolling in.  

But really, it's no surprise.  "Sudden Buckets of Rain" seems to be Luxembourg's signature move.

taking cover in a doorway while Pete ran for the car.  he was 100% drenched.
It did make for a scenic drive home as the storm tapered...

view from our balcony
A memorable night.  Of wonders.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you guys "went for it."

Don T said...

Thanks Rosie, I know these take some work but they are really informative and useful back here. Don