Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Coloring Machine

Several weeks ago Daphne entered a serious coloring phase. It's been quite satisfying to see her focus on a task (seated and with only minor wiggling) and see it through to the end. Her preferred medium is crayon, but today she wanted to try her hand at colored pencils.
I thought I'd share some samples. Here's one of several from the Dinosaur Collection.Here's a lovely pink worm
This is one she did at art camp last week - they were studying color and space.
And occasionally she'll want to draw. We dubbed this one "Dancing Girl."
At one point after a particularly extended session of coloring, I called her a coloring machine. She liked that.Footnote: Just now as I was getting ready to post this blog entry, I suddenly remembered this sweet little post from Pete...and turns out it's from almost exactly a year ago.


Beth said...

Daphne's come a LONG way in a year! Definitely a budding artist. I love the Dancing Girl!

Frances said...

Wow! For a three and a half year old, Daphne is very thorough. And what patience! Beautiful pictures.