Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Flight Recommendations - Portland (PDX) to Luxembourg (LUX)

Just a brief post in case you're thinking about a trip to Luxembourg.

Which we hope you are!

As far as we know, here is the easiest way to get to Luxembourg from Portland (if that's what your aiming to do rather than stop here on the way to somewhere else or as part of your grand European tour):

Delta Airlines has a flight from PDX to Amsterdam.  Balpark 9-10 hours.  Then KLM (Delta) has a flight from Amsterdam to Luxembourg that's about an hour.  You can do the whole trip in under 13 hours (basically no layover).  Going back is pretty similar.

Price: Of course this may change over time, but as of this writing, and based on the couple of flights we've done, if you can get the tickets for under $1000 each, that's probably a pretty good deal.

Of course, if you make it out here, you've got your lodging and food covered, so all in all it's not so bad, eh??

Here's a screen shot of a sample Delta flight.  As I somewhat randomly chose a few dates between now and next summer (when I'm betting you can't get tickets for under $1000!), this was representative of about the best I found:

So, if you're considering a visit, keep any eye on those flights!!

P.S. Extra incentive: 2 hr high speed train to Paris from here!!  Germany, Belgium, and other countries also within spitting distance.


Willard C. said...

If my German friend gets married, the wedding will be in Luxembourg. So we will definitely take you up on your offer!

Pete and Rosie said...

Hop to it, German friend!

Katie Toppel said...

I mailed off a letter for Daphne yesterday. I am interested to know how long it takes to get there!

Pete and Rosie said...

Thanks, Katie! I'm interested to know as well and I keep forgetting to track them!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Meg, Chris and Rene are going to be in England this month...don't know how long for...They'll stay in Chester, which is close to Manchester, which is another KLM loop/city hopper....