Friday, August 10, 2012

A Nice Day to Visit Dad

Our Friday began with an impromptu walk down to a little park at the end of the Pertrusse Valley closest to us.  We'd found it back during the school year but the kids had asked to go back, so I thought I'd make their little wish come true.

the park in early July (yes, still in coats and pants)
from today
A big reason they wanted to come back - you can't see it but there's a really, really, really, fast slide going down the hill, with hard dirt at the bottom.  They couldn't try it last time because it was wet and puddly.  Daphne tried a few times today but could never quite land on her feet.

Anyway, I noticed there happened to be a bus stop at the top of the hill, so I decided we'd pay Pete a visit at his office (we're not allowed inside--top secret Amazon stuff), but we went anyway.  First time even going down there during work hours, actually.
waiting for the bus.  something we do A LOT.  we ended up trying 3 new buses today.
too nice out not to stop for ice cream first in the Center (and good motivation to keep following Mommy-Without-a-Real-Plan)
and for a photo-op on an empty fountain
 When we got down to the Grund and to Pete, he took us on a little walk by the river past the office.
the Casemates above - I actually don't really know what they are yet (must be military?) but I know you can tour them! And that they're old.
throwing pebbles in the river 
James on a big pebble

hopefully we made his day a little brighter

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Oh, this is lovely, Rosie! Thanks so much for the post!