Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Parc Merveilleux (Wonderful Park)

Today was a Catholic holiday and Pete had the day off work.  We decided to check out the zoo about 15 minutes south of the city.  We actually have a car on loan for a couple of weeks from a friend who's on vacation in the States, but a quick train and then bus ride put you right at the gate (6-8 Euros for all of us to ride depending on the day).  Admission to the zoo was 30 Euros for all of us, so very comparable to the Oregon Zoo.

So, Parc Merveilleux, in Three Parts:

Part 1: Animals

We really enjoyed how accessible the animals were, particularly for kids.  We hardly ever had to pick them up to look over walls, and most of the animals were out and about and quite easy to see.  I could easily take pictures on my dinky little camera without even zooming in.

Somehow in the US I don't think they'd let us get so up-close and personal with porcupines, for example.

Probably a boring amount of pictures of animals, but thought I'd post a few more because, who knows, someone might be curious as to what animals live in a zoo in Luxembourg.  We didn't get to all of them  this time.

Part 2: Fairy Tales

Ok, so here's where things get a bit different.  Interspersed throughout the animal exhibits were little huts containing partially animatronic dioramas of various fairy tales.  Often there were 2 or 3 dioramas per fairly tale.  Buttons for narration were in German, French, and Luxembourgish.

Cindy, of course.

Final chapter of Little Red (note wolf pelt)
ok, let's see if you can guess this one?
did you guess right?
some were...unfamiliar.
rounding out the fairy tale experience
We're getting more and more accustomed to the sort of whimsical/quaint/ponderous/creepiness that the Luxembourgish seem to enjoy.  I don't think it's as creepy to us as it was at first.


Part 3: Playgrounds
I see Pete.  I don't see the kids.
this thing spins as you climb

I'm on the end other end powering this one.  I remember similar swings at Golden Gate Park as a kid.
 A second, more "organic" playground...

chains...they didn't make it too far up this part
fun little obstacle course
Daphne is easy to spot in her yellow shorts
At first I was skeptical at the thought of playgrounds in the zoo...why can't it be all about the animals without the need for extra entertainment?  But it was actually quite helpful to have the fairy tales and playgrounds mixed in; they provided a way for the kids to let off steam and renew their interest in more rounds of animal-looking.

Bonus Part 4: Rides

Oh yeah, there are were 3 little rides for kids as well, costing 1 Euro each.  We decided to pass on them and save them for next time.  Something to look forward to, and if we're lucky they won't raise the prices before then.

James wants to know if next time is tomorrow.

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