Tuesday, August 28, 2012

No English? Really?

Below is a carton of juice our friends brought over the other day (for a breakfast-for-dinner feast).
also a nice close up of my oddly color-schemed kitchen
As I was about to recycle the carton I became curious about the ingredients. It's very common here to see ingredients in multiple languages on products.  I'd say the average is around 3 or so, and often English does make the cut (and I do a little happy dance in the store when it does).  But I understand that's just a lucky perk when it happens - English is not one of this country's official languages and I must adapt accordingly.

However, this product (or should I say, this obviously highly important, globe-trotting product) featured its ingredients in a whopping 13 languages.

 this is a juice that gets around, people
But no English!  

I had Pete double check just to make sure I hadn't suddenly become illiterate in my mother tongue.

The sneaky part was, right under the name of the brand on the front, it says "Premium Since 1856" in English.  And on another side there is a bunch of flowery ad copy in English (along with German and I think Portuguese).  

I'm mildly offended by this.  Can you tell?

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Brandi said...

Oh I love you Rosie!