Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Yes, we will miss Trader Joe's

That's the answer to a question we've been hearing quite a lot.  It must be common knowledge that TJ's is our favorite grocery store and we buy almost all our food there.  Most people either love or hate the place.  We are solidly in the love category.

We ran into our best buddies there after school last week.

(Daphne in her PJs from PJ day at school)
We are not allowed to ship any food in our moving containers, so I'm sure I'll be tempted to stuff our luggage with roasted flaxseed peanut butter and spiced chai latte powder.   Mmmmm.

Truthfully, I am excited to learn grocery shopping in a new country.  I have already read a few tips here, here, and here.

Yet, I'm 96.7% certain you will be reading a post entitled "I miss Trader Joe's" sometime in the future, detailing how I spent 7 hours in a store buying all the wrong items.  And you have to admit, "Luxembourg grocery store" will have a lot to live up to in the customer service department.

So for now, I'm savoring our last few outings to the Trader, and his yummy merchandise.


Anonymous said...

Shops in LU will have all TJ's selection and more, I'm sure....

Pete and Rosie said...

Yes but will there be samples and "find the monkey" and prizes and bells and kid-sized carts and refunds with no receipt nor questions asked? I will miss the Trader Joe's experience.