Tuesday, April 17, 2012

It's Halloween!!! I know, but just go with me on this.

Some (free!) resources I've been using so far...

A great book I picked up at the library after searching all books with “expat” in the title.  The authors are two women who each spent many years as expats in several countries.   They walk you through the whole process, from preparing to leave all the way to “reentry” back into your home culture, focusing on practical tips and how you and your family will likely feel at each stage (and steps to help cope).  Particularly relevant were the chapters on moving with kids and being the “trailing spouse” (not the most flattering term--should I walk behind my husband and wear a leash?--but that's the lingo).  I will probably end up buying a Kindle copy to keep as a reference.

Each free podcast is about 15 minutes long (i.e. coffee break length) and is taught by an instructor from Glasgow, Scotland.  He teaches a young woman, also from Glasgow, and the podcast listener repeats and practices along with her.   It’s pretty good, but I can’t help but wonder if I’m learning French with a Scottish accent.

Picked up this book and accompanying cd from the library children’s section but had my doubts at first -  "Rock 'n' Roll Frere Jacques" is the first track.  (Let's just say that if Jacques was in fact dormez-ing, he's definitely awake now and quite irritated with his sibling.)  But the kids love it, and it grew on Pete and me pretty quickly.  We always enjoy the use of real instruments, the arrangements are good, and the songs are quite catchy.  The sheet music, chords, and French text are all included, along with a translation of each song in the back.  Our family favorite is “C’est l’Halloween,” probably because the chorus just repeats that line over and over, so we can all belt it out together and pretend we've got this French thing nailed.   We even broke out the ukulele and guitar and tried our hand at a verse and chorus.  Maybe by October we’ll be good enough to post our own recording.  But for now:

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Anonymous said...

Can you post the chords to C'est L'Halloween?

I can't find the information anywhere.