Friday, April 20, 2012

Work Visa Approved!

We'll I'll be darned.  It only took 3 weeks.

Now we need to decided the rest of the timeline - when to have the movers pack, our official departure date, our moving sale, when to rent out our house here if it comes to that, etc.  But the point is we have lots of flexibility, we can all move together, and Pete can start work on time!  Hooray!

We'll keep you posted, but if we had to guess, we're probably looking at departure sometime between May 21- 27.

For now, I have renewed faith in the bureaucracy of our adopted country, as well as our ability to properly collect, complete, notarize (over $500 of notary fees-worth at just a couple bucks a page) and send the correct documents.  I think we checked about 6 times to make sure every single blank page each of our 4 passports was in fact represented, but when you send off a packet like that, I don't think you can avoid wondering, "Wait, did we do that right?"

We did!


Willard C. said...

That's great, but you spent $500 on notary fees?? If you need additional stuff notarized, let me know, I'm a notary. I'd only charge $250! Just kidding, free.

Pete and Rosie said...

Don't worry, it was reimbursed. But thanks, we may take you up on that!