Friday, April 6, 2012

Renting vs. Selling

As I mentioned, our house is for sale.  And quite reasonably priced in a desirable location, I might add…

Despite the for sale sign in our yard, we continue to debate whether we should sell our house or rent it out.  There are so many factors, pros and cons, etc. to consider.   I’m so sick of going over them that I can’t even bring myself to type about them here.  It’s also insanely boring reading, you can just trust me on that.

Suffice it to say, we continue to waffle back and forth.  In fact, we waffle so much that it’s become a sort of code word/short-hand in our relationship.  If one of us says “waffle” out of the blue, we immediately know that means we flipped back to wanting to rent, or vice versa.  It happens pretty much daily.  Pete has been known to just email me a picture of a buttery Eggo from time to time.

The core issue seems to be a financial vs. philosophical decision.  Financially, it probably is “safer” to keep the investment, although we could walk away now with equity.   Philosophically, we’d like to make a clean break and focus fully on this new chapter.

We are trying our best to let our life philosophy guide us.  The problem with letting money guide us is that it’s really just fear disguised as money.  That’s what we believe, anyway.  Our life philosophy says, without a doubt, sell.  Let’s live this life the way we want.  Plus we’re kinda weird (you noticed?), and it’s probably overall the weirder thing to do.  So that’s always a good sign.

But we’ll see.  Right now it’s sell.  Tomorrow’s breakfast is sure to be….

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Anonymous said...

This funny and sweet - as was the previous post...Love you guys!