Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Move-age of Stuff-age

photo credit: cargocarriers

We get a 40-foot sea container to ship our furniture and anything else in our house we want to take to Luxembourg.  That container won’t arrive in Lux until 6-8 weeks after it’s packed (right before we leave).  We also get a 5-foot air container that arrives after 2-3 weeks.  This if for stuff we’ll need “sooner” I guess.  Probably whatever clothes we don’t take on the plane and some kitchen items??  I dunno, what would you put in? 

What do you not need for 3 weeks, but would be desperate for in 7?

The other day a man from the relocation company came to our house to take a basic inventory what will be packed in these containers.  He concluded that our house contains less than half of a half-size sea container.  He seemed a bit taken aback, actually. 

Woo hoo!  Big fat minimalist geek-out moment for us!

We’re going to sell or give away almost everything that plugs in before we leave, since the voltage is different there.  So far we’ve heard that the adapters/converters are a bit unreliable, so we might as well just get rid of our lamps, small appliances, etc. and start over, adding back only what we really need (oooh, geeking-out again!).  We can bring our higher-tech electronics such as our laptop—those should work fine.  We are hoping our precious digital piano will work with a converter.  We’re going to give it a try.

But really, the piece of information you should take from all this is that we definitely have room for stowaways if anyone’s interested in camping out in the sea container for a few weeks.   Heck, we might even just live in ours once we get there.

photo credit: busyboo

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