Monday, June 16, 2008

update from Singapore and the US open

Day Three & Four

Well, we arrived in Singapore tonight at about 11:30PM local time (8:30 AM pacific) concluding a 24 hour journey from San Diego. It’s so weird flying this direction and losing a day. I didn’t get a Monday, and I’m not happy about it, though I suppose that trading a Monday for two Saturdays on the way back is a good deal overall. I’m pleased to say that after a day of traveling I still feel good, great even.

Singapore is very modern and appears very wealthy, if the modern airport, spectacular downtown skyline, and ritzy hotel are any indication. It is all very western/European feeling so far. Every one we have met speaks English, though I’ve been having way too much fun saying “xiea-xiea” (“thank you” in mandarin).

Thankfully, I’m starting to get sleepy, so it’s a shower and off to bed for me.

Pete (00:54, June 17 2008)

P.S. Family – I miss you!

03:45, (still June 17 2008) local time – Couldn’t sleep, so a few hours ago I flipped on the TV and unexpectedly found live feed of US Open Playoff, with a replay of the NBA finals on another channel! I thought I’d missed both of these! God bless satellite TV.

03:52 – Waiting for Tiger to hit his approach on 18 down one stroke to Rocco Mediate. Too bad it’s four in the morning or all of Singapore would probably be watching.

04:00 – If I was at home it would be 1PM on Monday, and I’d probably be getting sleepy. No such luck here so far. Tiger and Rocco are both on the green, Tiger with an eagle putt and Rocco with a makeable birdie.

04:02 – Rocco has a putt to become the oldest first time Major winner in history……. Nope. Now Tiger has a putt to put the playoff into extra holes (Double overtime? Sudden death?) This is the most continuous sports I’ve watched since Daphne was born.

04:06 – Tiger nails it. What a wonderful Father’s day present it was for my Dad and me to go to the tournament. Rocco has a four footer for extra holes… it’s in! Here we go, now to sudden death. Computer is running out of batteries….. and I don’t have whatever kind of adapter I need.

04:20 – Rocco is just falling apart on the first sudden death hole. You basically only get one chance against Tiger before he, as my Dad said, “Steps on your neck.” “Critical Battery” says my computer. It’s 50 cents per minute to use the internet, but I think I better try and post this before I retire for the “night.”

04:28 – That’s it! Tiger wins his 14th Major, mostly thanks to my encouragement on Saturday. Good night everyone! Attempt to sleep #2 is now officially underway.



Anonymous said...


I hope you are enjoying yourself at least to so extend. Working probably sucks, but when is the next time you will be in singapore? I know rosie probably has it tough, but nobody can do a better job then her. Hang in there and it will all be over soon.


Anonymous said...

Well, Tiger at least was slowed down enough that he had to think about which leg to use to step on Rocco's neck so as not to further hurt his knee! We had a great time, bladder notwithstanding and plans are already being laid to attend the Open in 2015 which will be in Olympia WA.