Friday, June 13, 2008

A different flavor of blog for a while

Hi everyone,

As some of you know I am going on a two week travel odyssey. I'm leaving today, and in the span of about two weeks I'll touch ground in San Diego, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Nanjing and Beijing. I'm a bit nervous and sad to leave the family for that long, and with the exception of San Diego (where I'll be attending the US open of golf with my Dad) this is most assuredly a business trip. When I get back I'll be able to tell you what chemical factories are like in various parts of Asia... if you are interested in that sort of thing. My travel companion in Asia will be my boss who goes every year, and knows the lay of the land, so I estimate my chances of landing in a Chinese jail as less than 15%.

I plan on using this space to keep a running web-log (blog... I get it!) on my trip, both for Rosie and Daphne, as well as anyone else you happens to be interested. Wish me luck, and if you are in the area, Rosie can use all the help she can get for the next couple weeks!



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