Thursday, September 24, 2015

Switzerland - Grindelwald

perfect weather in Grindelwald
(First Switzerland post here.)

On our second morning in Switzerland we drove to Grindelwald.

Once there we realized that the town itself wasn't much, but that there were three main jaw-dropping mountain-bits to see.  We spent the morning walking (hiking) around the hilly town to get better views of these three bits.

And here they are.

View/Mountain #1:

View/Mountain #2:

View/Mountain #3:

with goat
with Swiss house
with Ts
But the highlight of this particular outing was that we stumbled upon a man at a mountain cafe with an alphorn sitting next to his table.  Pete got Daphne to ask him in German to play it, and Pete got it on video. Unfortunately I'm too lazy to track it down on Pete's phone and upload it here.  Here is an Instagram screenshot instead:

Our Swiss experience just got Swiss-er.  
So, we can't top that, but more Switzerland posts to come.

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