Friday, September 25, 2015

Switzerland - Brienz

After our morning exploring Grindelwald, we drove back to Interlaken and along Brienzersee (Lake Brienz) to the lakeside town of Brienz.

Lunch by the water was the first order of business.

mystical blue

A post-meal walk along the lake afforded more turquoise-blue views, as well as a few playful diversions along the way, including another oversized chess board, small playground equipment, and even an interactive water feature.

We also stumbled across a few woodcarving shops along the way.

This shop's work area was open to the public.  Daphne spoke to a young woman in German about practicing the carvings in clay
As we continued through the oldest part of town, we amused ourselves with many a tiny wooden door.

And we finally made it to the church at the edge of town before we headed back along the lake.

the end of Brienz
Brienz was quite the family-friendly stop.  We even had some amazing ice cream on the way back to the car (not pictured, too busy devouring it).

One more Swiss post to come...

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Beautiful pictures - thanks for sharing.....