Monday, December 10, 2012

Snow in Luxembourg

We've now had a couple of snow storms this December.  What follows is an exorbitant number of snow photos.  Snow is pretty.

park in city center
pirate ship park
Merl Park near our place
little tree lot at Merl Park
on the way to church (Limpertsberg)
on my way to get groceries.  happy to not be driving!
on my way to get the kids form school
the school kids I got
school yard with another layer of snow
school yard from another angle
school yard yet another angle, and just a few minutes later, after the light changed.  James throwing snowball!
yep, more school yard.  Daphne might be making a snow angel.  She might just be tired.
snow cherub
walking home from school
yeah, we did that.  shhh...

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