Thursday, December 27, 2012

"I Am Me" Song, Take 2

Back in October the kids each sang a Luxembourgish song for the camera.  James decided to re-attempt his a couple weeks later.  This week Daphne wanted to try hers again too.

Although she's not able to translate the whole song word for word yet, she can tell us bit more about it.  Her summary: I am me, you are you, you would be sad if you were someone else, so stay you and be happy being who you are.  Something like that.

Here's the original from October...

Here's the version from a couple days ago...

Notice a difference?

Anyway, I'm just documenting some of the progressions in hopes that it will be meaningful and interesting to look back on someday.


Anonymous said...

Yes! I did notice a difference - words are much clearer - even though I don't understand them! Beautiful singing, Daphne!

Debbie said...

Amazing! Lily now wants to learn a foreign language. Hum? French? German? or Luxumbourgish! Noticed a "missing tooth" in the second video.
Miss you all! HAPPY NEW YEAR!