Sunday, December 16, 2012

Daphne Turns Siwen

This past Wednesday on 12/12/12, our Daphne turned siwen ("zeevuhn").  On Friday she had a non-sleepover pajama party with a few friends from school.

some of the nationalities and/or languages represented: Luxembourgish, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Italian, Danish, German, Brazilian... 

They ate American pancakes with various toppings.
That's a 7-shaped pancake on Daphne's plate
Once again, video chat was open during the party, allowing the grandparents to check in.

As I suspected it would be, this party was just about as loud and crazy as James' party, and perhaps even louder with the high-pitched-girl-screaming.  I think they were playing a monster-chase game of some sort. Pete took this picture as we were frantically Googling how to calm them down in French and German, as to not (further) anger the neighbors.
apparently they were just ignoring us because Quiet = Quiet in German?!?!
He also took this one - James' way of coping with the chaos...

The girls finally calmed down after awhile, around the time when the art supplies came out.  It was fun to see them all communicating in Luxembourgish, especially when Daphne was able to participate in the conversation at a very functional level.

Then this afternoon she and Pete went to The Hobbit.  Pete's birthday is in a couple of days, and they've been planning this dual-birthday-daddy-daughter-date ever since they finished the book this spring.

2 more Hobbit movies, 2 more birthday dates to go!
(As in other English-language movies shown in Lux, the audio is in English, with French and German subtitles.  However, this doesn't help for the Elvish parts - no English subtitles pop up!)

Daphne reports that she enjoyed the movie, although it was probably a bit too scary at times.  Her favorite part was the song the dwarves sang.  Upon arriving at home she immediately headed to the piano to work out the tune.

Love this kid!

Happy Birthday, Daphne!


Anonymous said...

HI Rosie.

"quiet" in German is actually "Ruhe" ( Roo-ah), the literal translation for which is peace or calm. Another contextual D

Anonymous said...

Not sure what happened with the first comment. It was by me. Another contextual language thing was what I meant it to say. Thanks for the blog.


Pete and Rosie said...

Yeah, we figured it wasn't actually "Quiet." We just found it amusing at the time that this is what popped up. As always, Google translate only gets us so far. But we will know for next time!

Anonymous said...

Love this kid and the other one! Great Daphne focused on the music!