Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ballerina School

Daphne did another round of ballet this spring. Just 8 weeks again. When it comes to kid's activities, we like to dabble in stuff, explore, not take anything too seriously. I haven't read the Tiger Mom book, but I'm assuming I'm not one of those.

Last year we did Southwest Community Center, this year we tried Multnomah Art Center. I liked the idea of having live accompaniment, plus it's super inexpensive and you don't have to pay an out-of-district fee. The down side is that you can't go inside the studio to watch - you have to peek through a tiny little window. The last class, however, all the parents are invited to come in for class. So here are some pictures not taken through the tiny window.

Ok, this one is worth clicking to enlarge. They are pretending to be mice, and the expressions on their faces are sweet.
When a T family member shows any sign of grace or poise, you must take a picture.

Bringing us imaginary flowers

Taking a bow
Their teacher gave them each a rose (and a Tootsie Pop!) at the end of the "performance."

And where is James through all of this?
Poor kid. He's a good and dutiful little brother.

Grammy and and Aunt Julie came to watch too!!

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Ayelet said...

James's face in that picture is PRICELESS! So glad D is loving class at MAC...we miss that place!