Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday Art - And, We're Back!

Took last week off. In honor of Memorial Day.
Yep. I forgot.

I'm pretty sure every single day of preschool this year, the first thing Daphne did when she walked in the classroom was draw a picture on the easel. As one of her teachers said to me about her drawings, "She always has a plan." She definitely came home every day with a picture in her bag.

Awhile back the preschool director told me they hung one of her daily pictures up in the classroom, so I had to come see (normally their work is displayed out in the halls on bulletin boards).
Is there anything better than a flying fairy mermaid? Maybe a flying fairy mermaid princess.

(OK, now that I'm looking closer, those may be jeans and elf shoes? I'll have to ask Daphne in the morning.)

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