Sunday, May 22, 2011

Service Project - Medical Teams International

This month we participated in our church's annual "The Church Has Left the Building"
service project. This was our third year. It's one of our favorite events each year because we love the opportunity to serve as a family. The first year we did yard work at a women's shelter, and last year we delivered flowers and cards at an assisted living center.

This year our small group worked on sorting medical supplies for Medical Teams International based in Tigard (time 3:15 in the video shows some local volunteer opportunities - that warehouse is in Tigard). Apparently they get bags of completely random medial supplies discarded for whatever reason from hospitals and clinics. Volunteers then sort and count these supplies by type, to be repackaged and used locally and internationally. It was the perfect project to do with the kids (and a great brain exercise for them as well!). And we didn't even have to "leave the building" - MTI brought the supplies to us!

The kids were troopers and actually both helped for most of the 3 hours we worked on it.

James carefully counting bandaids.

Not quite sure of the medical application of this but it's awesome and I want one.

Click here to see some of the other service projects the church participated in that day:

(ok, it's a long video, so here are the points it switches to a new project: :37, 1:52, 4:36, 6:25, 8:05, 8:50, 10:14)

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