Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The End of An Era/Experiment

(from our May "Safety" Unit)

Our homeschool preschool co-op winds down this month. For various reasons, it was actually quite difficult to get the darn thing started last fall, and the group has morphed over time. Eventually it settled into a very small group - 3 little girls (and 2 younger sibs - James being the lone boy in all of this!), and the 3 moms rotated teaching one morning a week. We ran it like a real mini-preschool to the best of our abilities. Looking back, it was a great experience for us all and the girls really bonded. That was my main hope in this process - that Daphne would find close friends, and maybe pick up a few skills along the way. By this standard, I'd say the experiment was a rousing success.

Daphne's got one more year left before kindergarten and we decided to send her to a regular preschool this coming fall. But at least I was able to save hundreds on tuition this year, which makes my frugal heart happy :)

Meanwhile, I know that we will be seeing more of these girls this summer and beyond.


Ayelet said...

I just love how serious Ava is in the first picture!

Frances said...

Both pictures are adorable - and the three friends hugging is just great! Thanks again, Rosie....