Monday, June 21, 2010

Having Some Class

The "blog" for me is a fundamentally frustrating form of expression,
which is probably why I don't do it much. I find myself bursting with
observations and stories, humorous and otherwise, that I
simultaneously want to share, but would not be comfortable with
everyone in my life reading. I don't keep a regular blog for the
same reason that I don't keep a diary - it can only come back to haunt

So anyway, one of the things that I enjoyed most about traveling alone
last week was a freeing ability to express to you (the folks back
home) what I was thinking in a moderately unfiltered way. It was
exceedingly unlikely that the chef who served me tacos instead of
quesadillas will ever know that he was exposed as a mexican-culinary
fraud on my webpage, especially since it's banned in China.

Now that I'm back where I belong, as one member in a herd of awkward
and befuddled Americans instead of an isolated case, my postings must
necessarily become a little more reporting and a little less
reflective. Why am I typing all this? Probably because it's nearly
midnight and my stomach is doing backflips after a delicious but
exotic chinese meal, and also because I don't really plan these
writings, they mostly just spill out of my brain when I sit down at
the computer. Pretty much like writing a term paper, now that I think
about it.

So anyway, today was our first day of class, in Guangzhou. As
required, a humorous english/chinese miscue leads off the day:

After a morning of lecture on supply chain basics, we headed off to
tour one of Guangzhou's major ports, which while interesting, was a
lot smaller than I thought it would be:


Ok, visual gags aside, here is my roommate Rajeev and me out by the
container-crane-lifting things at the full size version.

Finally, here's a portion of the herd as we take in the city from a
nighttime harbor cruise.

The students I've met have been very nice. The course work is
enlightening and practical. The resulting blogs are quite bland.



KELTOSE said...

I'm taking these blog postings from pete as a treat, because i know they will end soon. Enjoying them while they are here.


connie88s said...

Thanks for the update Pete!