Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Joys of Joy Choir

Pete and I have been attending the same church since we graduated from college. So for the first few years before we had kids, we'd see the Joy Choir sing once a month or so. It was back then that Pete nicknamed it "The Pitch Distribution Singers" (you know, picture a bell curve, with the correct pitch at the fat part/top of the curve, and the kids fit at various points on the spectrum, so when you hear the song, you can pretty much make out the melody...if you have even a smidge of nerdiness in you, I'm sure you get the idea). Anyway, it was cute.

Then we had Daphne. And we thought, looking at our tiny infant, "She'll never actually be old enough to sing up there, right?" - half looking forward to it, and half being terrified that she'd someday grow up and stop being our baby.

Ok, and another half terrified that she'd be at one of the the far ends of the pitch distribution. Hey, when you're music snobs, you can't really help worrying about these things.

And, lo and behold, she's now a member of Joy Choir, and she loves it. Time flies.

(And she's solidly in range of the pitch. Whew!)

Looking for Grammy at the piano

Waving to Grammy.

Here's their last song of the year. You'll note that an over-eager youngster starts mimicking the conductor's directions part way through. You can't really blame her too much... there are in fact hand motions to a lot of the songs they've done. Just not this one.


Eric said...

The pink cowboy boots are a nice touch. ;)

Eric said...

Oops, it's actually Melanie. I'm using Eric's computer.

Frances said...

So funny - I loved it! Thanks for sharing!

Frances said...

Nana's watched this six times already! Can't help myself - discover something new each time!