Thursday, July 16, 2009


Our 4th of July weekend had a lake theme. Friday we visited Blue Lake with some friends. To our dismay, signs were posted everywhere stating that children under the age of 5 are not allowed in the lake in order to "control bacteria levels." Well, you can't just tell a 3-and-a-half year old all morning that she's going to her first lake to swim and then tell her when she gets there that she can't go in, right? But in fact, after our thoroughly potty-trained daughter and her friend were kicked out of the lake after about 5 minutes by some sort of lake policewoman, we were all then kicked off the sand next to the lake. The sand. It's a good thing too...we were totally planning on smearing James' dirty diapers all over the place and dumping our carefully packed vials of E. coli. With the nearby fountains completely off, our outing was looking grim. Mercifully, they were turned on at 11am. But by then, all the kids wanted to do was eat...

and work on their tans.
Blue Lake, you need some perspective. Blue Lake, meet Lake Grove Swim Park. This is where we went the very next day (the 4th).
Yup, that's Daphne sitting near the back of this god-forsaken rectangle of unchlorinated, unfiltered, shallow "water" for an hour--at the END of a long day. Special thanks to you, Blue Lake, for stripping me of the will to disappoint her two days in a row. Do not ask me what percentage of that hour I spent dry-heaving as I pondered what fraction of this "water" must be unspeakable compounds other than H2O. Against all odds, she survived, seemingly unscathed. I am still recovering.

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Frances said...

Blech! This needs to be sent to the Blue Lake mucky-mucks. Very funny, Rosie.....