Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Come on, Costco.

For some reason our local Costco thought it a brilliant idea to line up all 15 sample stations in a row in honor of the 4th of July rush. The resulting cart gridlock was comical. Plus, the thrill of the hunt was gone. You know, the tiny release of endorphins you experience upon discovering your own special 1/16th of a chimichanga waiting for you in a dark corner of the store. That's the whole point of going, really.
We hardly ever go to Costco these days. You know the old joke that you can't walk out of Costco without spending $100. When we did go more frequently, we used to buy just bread and water...literally. Or one box of dishwasher soap. Or one pair of work jeans for Pete. The checkers often mocked us. And they don't take cash for gas, which irks me. I think we'll just let our membership expire this month. The samples are fun, but they're not "free" for people like us if you do the math.

I'd better stop because I can feel a household budgeting discourse coming on...

Anyway, the picture below is from nearly a year ago. They really don't look ALL that different, do they? They must not be growing up too fast after all. Whew.


Frances said...

Best forget Costco....Kids look like they're having fun, though!

Patty said...

OMG, they are CUUUUTE!! How did they get THAT big??? I just saw you at the church a....... couple of months ago? and he was an INFANT. What gives? Have you been feeding them growth hormone injected chicken pieces or something?

LOL, your post is great. I love your humor. I stopped doing Costco because I spent hordes on stuff we never used. Yup.

Hope to see you in the women's choir soon.


Pete and Rosie said...

That's funny you mention growth hormone injected chicken, Patty, because it reminded me of the freakishly giant roast chickens from Costco. Terrifying.