Thursday, January 8, 2009


I took Daphne and James over to Oaks Park the other day for preschool rollerskating time. They let you wear street shoes and bring strollers out onto the floor, you get a little skating lesson, there's a guy in a chipmunk costume that plays with the kids, they put balls out to play with, there's a little snack provided. Sounds like fun, right? Daphne was sure exited, as she loves to "skate" on tupperware lids on the kitchen floor at home.

Well, I sort of forgot that skating is hard. I don't think I really know how to skate very well, come to think of it. At first they tighten up the wheels when the kids are just starting out, so they don't slip around too much. But then you're basically just wearing heavy shoes and clunking about. So, at first there was a whole lot of this:
(no, she had not fallen, she just didn't want to stand up in the first place)
Then we had some of this:

followed by this:

At this point, with James getting really mad also, I was really regretting this. But eventually she did get up and "skate" a little bit, and actually seemed to have a pretty good time.

Here's some video if you have the time...

Daphnne too "sleepy" to skate:

(you can hear James whining at me in the background and then he does his patented little looking away, "shunning" move to me when I turn the camera to him)
Daphne "falls":

Daphne "skates" to me:


connie88s said...

Love the blog Rosie! The skating videos are soo cute and I love the video of Jamesey looking for you on the video - priceless!

Frances said...

Thanks for keeping the blog updated, Rosie, Pete. It's great for us and for the Great-Grandparents in England!