Monday, January 5, 2009


I don't know about anyone else, but our photos of family Christmas festivities tend to feature one of two things - chaos or eating (and sometimes both at the same time). This year was especially tough to capture the holiday since I was very sick and I'm usually the family photographer, and poor Pete was trying to do all the parenting and photographing at once. I actually missed out on Christmas at my in-laws, but the rest of the family went over to their house. I joined the Christmas dinner and present-opening proceedings via Skype on Pete's laptop. It was strange for me, but I imagine even more strange for them to have a laptop displaying my talking head as a guest at the dinner table.

Okay, maybe it was the most strange for James. Here he is trying to find me again after we'd signed off :-( (the Brandon Roy jersey was an awesome gift from Uncle Jake).

Despite not having much to show in the way of Christmas pictures, I just had to post this sweet photo of Daphne and her Great-Grandma Woods that my mother-in-law took when we had Christmas at the Great-Grandparents' house (I was sleeping in the back room for that celebration!)

Anyway, all in all I'm looking forward to NEXT Christmas!

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Frances said...

I always thought Daphne and Grandma Woods looked alike...this confirms it!
Jamesey's troubled brow searching for Mama - so cute...