Thursday, May 1, 2014

Castles of Luxembourg: Back to Bourscheid

Last summer, on our grand tour of Luxembourgish castles with my parents, we did a quick drive-by of Bourscheid Castle in the north of the country.  On our May Day holiday today, we finally went back to take a closer look.

in the fireplace

The highlight of this castle is definitely the panoramic views.  James, however, was really into the extremely dry audio commentary.  He was the only one of us that made it through all 24 stations.

still going...
before Daph and I gave up
But on to the views and such.

that's me


Jared said...

That would NEVER get old. So stinking cool!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos! Thank you, Guys.
Funny re James and the dry commentary. A man after my own heart!