Saturday, September 21, 2013

Castles of Luxembourg: Bourscheid

Naturally, as our day went on, our castle visits became briefer and briefer!  As I recall, we encountered GPS issues at this point, and a few of our crew were flagging and in need of a snack or coffee.  I was sympathetic but not empathetic, as I tend to forget about food and drink when I'm on a mission!

Yet, we were all determined to complete our loop.

All this to say, I feel like I'm stretching the premise a bit on these last few posts.  These final castles warrant a second, close-up visit sometime soon.

On our rambling, backroads hunt for Bourscheid Castle, we stumbled across what appeared to be a campsite with a sign that included the words "café" and "panorama."

We quickly swerved into the driveway.

Found it!  Great setting, eh?  And that's as close as we got, folks.

the promised cafe
and a bonus playground break, in which the 5 and 7 year old immediately wedged themselves into the baby swings until Dad came to the rescue
From this point we could have hiked down to the castle, and we also discovered a car park (wow, I sound so European!) right next to it on our drive down the hill, and I believe there's also a bus stop nearby?  At any rate, we'll be back.

Closer view of Bourscheid Castle here.

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