Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Friet Museum: Bruges, Belgium

oh, the mayo
We purchased combo tickets for the chocolate museum and the fries (friet) museum, and we visited them back-to-back.
or "frites" in French
But before proceeding, we should clear up a couple of things:  1) Fries are not French Fries.

and 2) they are served in a cone:

but are not typically multicolored
The museum is divided into two sections: the potato part and the friet part, with some overlap.
our guides this time were Fiona the Friet and Peter the Potato
wild, old-timey potatoes
By the way, the museum really, really wanted us to know that potatoes are of extreme nutritional value.  If you fry them in grease, that's your problem.
Frituur - gotta love a country with food stands dedicated to fries
cooking some of Fiona's kin. :(
We'd only eaten a brief snack-lunch between museums so we were looking forward to sampling some frites!
Frituur in the basement.  You can see some of the sauce containers on the counter.  Sauces are a big deal, with endless variety.
We opted for ketchup and "sauce Américaine" which tasted like nothing we'd ever had in America.  Be warned that Belgian frites are most often cooked in animal fat, so your tummy might not be prepared for this adventure if you eat too many.  Ahem.
we're getting to be old pros at this
I think our family was split - Daphne and Pete preferred this museum, while James and I preferred the chocolate museum.  But both were fun and worthwhile, and our kids were just the right age to enjoy the kid-friendly bits.

Next post you may actually get to see what Bruges looks like on the outside!


Anonymous said...

Looks like so much fun! No wonder Monsieur Poirot is so proud of his heritage ;)

Fiona Lynne said...

Fiona the Friet?! Well that's cool. :)

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