Saturday, November 2, 2013

Metz, France (Again)

Between French class and church responsibilities, I am behind several blog posts.  I'd like to crank though several this week if possible, so brace yourselves for the ensuing quantity over quality.
Temple Neuf in Metz (neuf as in "new" not "nine."  See? French class.)
For a final day trip before my parents left, we took the train to Metz (pronounced "mess," s.v.p) in the Lorraine region of France.  We visited once before, and fell in love with the cathedral, no doubt due in part to the fact that it provided free shelter from the horrible weather that day.  This visit's weather wasn't quite as nasty, but still grey and drizzly.  Metz, you are 0 for 2 on rain, so please try to do better next time.

Highlights of our little excursion included:

excellent organ music during an in-progress service
exploring the little garden on l'Île du Petit-Saulcy*
kayak races!
And finally...

Sometimes, you gotta just go with what you know.

*Metz feels a bit like very-small-scale Paris, because of it's little island in the city center.  Observe:

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