Saturday, February 9, 2013

UK 2013: London Eye

River Thames, Big Ben, etc from the Eye
We're in the UK visiting family over school midterm break.  It was almost a year ago that we paid a visit for my Nana's 90th birthday, and we made the final decision to move to Luxembourg while on the trip.  Crazy.

I'm trying for a quick blog-as-we-go if I can, to keep it simple and not fall behind.

In October of 2012, easyJet began service from LUX to London-Gatwick.  I've seen deals as low as 8€ per leg for the one-hour flight.  Gatwick is just a 30 minute train ride to my aunt and uncle's house in the south of London, so we couldn't pass up the opportunity for another visit.  You will see we brought a bonus guest this time; one of Daphne's friends from the States is doing a Flat Stanley project for school and asked to send his Stanley to us. Our trip to England corresponded nicely with Stanley's journey.

Following our new-ish Simplicity Sightseeing philosophy, we set out to see just one thing on our first day: the London Eye.  Pete and I rode it with my cousin 10 years ago, and we enjoyed it despite the fact that tickets are expensive.  

The easiest landmarks to spot in a photograph (besides various Ts mugging for the camera) are the Millennium Bridge leading to Charing Cross Station...

And Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.

Stanley appeared to enjoy himself as well.

On such a clear day in London you simply MUST ride the Eye.  Stanley agrees.

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Anonymous said...

Rosie, Pete, much appreciated! Love the Flat Stanley idea, too....