Wednesday, February 13, 2013

UK 2013: Llandudno, Wales

It's map time!  I'm terrible at geography, and perhaps I'm not the only one?  Below are a couple maps of our journey thus far.  As on all our visits to the UK (well, three so far since Pete and I have been married), we took the train from London (B) to Chester (C) to see my mom's other two sisters and my Nana.

Chester (C) is right on the border of England and Wales.  Llandudno (D) is an hour from Chester.
My mom told me she missed Flat Stanley in the last post.  Well, he's back! 
The Victorian/Edwardian town of Llandudno is home to the largest seaside resort in Wales, and various family members have visited over the years.  There's a now-famous story of my dad ordering the British version of a milkshake here, against everyone's warnings.  This was our little family's first visit.  As it was a nice February day (freezing cold, grey, but not raining), we set out for a walk along the beach.  No problem - Oregonians are well-versed in bitter-cold beach walks.
my almost 91-year-old Nana is still a great walker
she even ran a bit ;)
Stanley said he'd like to come back in the summer.  We forgot to make him a coat and hat, poor chap.

James too
We warmed up with some lovely fish and chips.
for a flat kid he can really pack it away
Nana Alice and Daphne are good buddies
Near the train station is the (self-proclaimed) premier modern art gallery in Wales.  My cousin has a couple pieces on exhibit.
yay, cousin!  (you gotta love a language with words like "yn" and byw")
the pot piece across the middle is Jesse's
We especially enjoy the Welsh language because it's even more strange than Luxembourgish.  By the way, did you know that Wales is called Cymru in Welsh?  To me it sounds like a Scottish person saying "cuhmree."
Rest assured, we did not let Stanley out of our sight.
Bonus picture - we saw this nifty medieval castle out the train window.
Conwy Castle.  photo: wikipedia
As I've said before, I'm not a great one for describing tourist attractions, historical sites, and the like.  I leave that in the capable hands of Wikipedia.  See blue links above for more info!


Anonymous said...

Rosie, Pete, thanks for the lovely new post. Great to see all the family - and Flat Stanley - of course...

fiona lynne said...

Um, your Nana's coat?! May just be the most awesome thing I have seen all year. Can I please go hang out with her??