Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Burg Eltz, Germany

Don and Connie wanted to take us to Eltz Castle while they were here, which is apparently Rick Steves' "favorite castle."  I don't follow/watch/read Rick Steves - I have nothing against the guy, I just haven't really had occasion to.  But that day I went to his Facebook page, and sure enough, Burg Eltz was featured as his cover photo, freshly updated with a picture from when he must have visited recently.

(Suddenly I felt all cool and well-traveled and such.  Thanks, Don, Connie and Rick!)

I posted my own not-as-good pictures on Facebook already, just to mix things up a bit, but I thought I should post a few here too for blog continuity-sake.  (No photography allowed inside the castle, unfortunately.)

On the short but steep hike down from the parking lot

approaching the gate

In the courtyard waiting for the tour
waiting for her first time inside a castle, as we were too cheap to go in Vianden
snacks at castle cafe
I don't do a very job describing historical sites.  I'd rather just direct you to almighty Wikipedia.  Or suggest you consult my new pal Rick Steves.

Or come visit us!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Dorky as it sounds, I've always been slightly infatuated with Rick Steves. I fantasize about wandering around Europe with all his connections to local history...with my husband too, of course!

I'm more than slightly envious that you live close enough to a castle that you may actually run into him someday! If you do, you MUST blog so that the rest of us can live vicariously!

-Rachel Anne